Friday, August 5, 2011

UMC Cal-Nevada Solidarity Visit to the Philippines

The California-Nevada UMC Philippine Solidarity Task Force has been organizing a pastoral and solidarity visits to the Philippines since 2007 borne out of the Conference’s concern on rampant violations of human rights especially extrajudicial killings that are happening in the Philippines.  The said visits were facilitated by a task force convened and spearheaded by the National Council of Churches in the Philippines.  Other members include the Ecumenical Mission for Peace and Development (EMPD), CONTAK Philippines, UMC Church and Society and KASIMBAYAN.
The outcomes of these trips has increased awareness in the Cal-Nev UMC and the wider community through report backs, presentations, and participation in rallies and events in partnership with people’s community organizations that are interested in Philippine justice work.
The visits and outcomes of the previous groups have inspired others to take part in this year’s visit.  A 10-member delegation will arrive in the Philippines and will immerse themselves in Philippine issues from August 18-31, 2011.  The objectives of the visit are to gain appreciation, with the eyes of faith, the core issues affecting the Filipino people and how these shape the self-understanding and the ecumenical response of the churches; to understand the systemic roots of the human rights situation in the Philippines; to enrich faith lives through witnessing in justice and solidarity work; and, to manifest the spirit of partnership and solidarity with those engaged in justice work and the ministry of advocacy for human rights in the Philippines.
Their program include listening to people’s and whole communities’ stories, dialogues and discussions on pertinent issues on systemic violence and human rights, reflecting on the situation in the light of faith and biblical imperatives, and thinking of ways to do creative and effective advocacy for Philippine issues.
source: NCCP Website

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