Friday, August 5, 2011

Prayer for Norway and Student Christian Movement in Norway

Shared to us by Ms. Biyaya Quizon:

Good day.

Sharing to all the attached statement and a prayer made by the Human Rights, Justice and Peace Committee of the World Student Christian Federation Asia Pacific on the Norway tragedy.

Let us pray for the victims, their families and the Norwegian government as they face the most pressing time in their history.

Thank you.

In solidarity,

Biyaya Quizon
Vice Chairperson
Standing Committee,WSCF-AP (2006-2008)

Prayer for Norway and Student Christian Movement in Norway

Our loving and gracious God,

We pray for your healing spirit to touch the lives of the people of Norway,

We ask that your love and compassion bring comfort to the families, friends and loved ones of those who died in the July 22nd tragedy.

We pray that the perpetrator of this crime be put to justice, so that faith in the ideals of justice, peace, freedom and liberty be restored in our hearts.

God, it is you who is the source of life and wisdom,

We seek your grace and wisdom to discern your will and the meaning of this painful incident,

We ask that you guide the leaders of Norway and the international community to seek just, lasting peaceful solutions to the problems fuelling religious and racial tensions in Norway and elsewhere.

We pray for the safety and well-being of students, youth and our dear friends in SCM Norway

We remember in our prayers communities of religious, ehtnic and cultural minority groups in Norway and elsewhere in Europe,

Let not bigotry, exclusion and hatred further escalate the tension in the aftermath.

May your grace, justice, peace and love be with the people in Norway in this time of grieving and loss. AMEN

WSCF AP Statement on the July 22 Attacks in Norway

We share the grief of the Norwegian people for the lost lives, most of them young people, in the calibrated bombing and shoot-out in a youth camp in Utoya islands last Friday in Norway. We are one with the international call for justice for all the victims, along with their families, friends and the people of Norway.

The twin attacks in Norway, reportedly by a single individual whose prime motivation which is slowly coming to light, is alarmingly slanted towards hatred on the Muslims and immigrants in Norway. We are alarmed that these are aimed at encouraging more extreme rightist Christian ideology, xenophobia, islamophobia, racism and animosity against people of color in Europe. Recently we have just witnessed the attacks on Roma camps and expulsion of the Roma people.

In our contexts, religious and racial bigotry is an issue that we also must address. Elsewhere, terrorism, attacks on religious and cultural minorities has deep connections with neo-fascism. If this triumphs, the aim of those who want to systematically maim and attack innocent lives will also succeed.

As we pray and call for justice for the victims, let us also not forget to cast light on the deep roots of such atrocities, intertwined in the political, cultural, and economic milieu. Thru this, may we find solutions that will promote democracy, peace and justice in our midst.


Biyaya G. Quizon
Human Rights - Program Unit on Faith Witness and Service
National Council of Churches in the Philippines

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