Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Communicating Climate Justice" music album for children, an appeal for help

Former NCCP Staff Liza Lamis shared to us this email from Fr. David Arockiam. If you have the materials and is willing to help the Sanhtome Communications Center, please do contact Fr. David for details. - the Library Staff

My Dear Brothers and Sisters of WACC family,
Greetings of the Love and Peace!

I am Fr. David from Santhome Communications Center, Chennai.

Thanks a lot for your friendship and fellowship. The conference on "Communicating Climate Justice" was a wonderful experience for me. I personally thank Rev. Dr. Sam Meshack for introducing me to this family of communicators.

After a short stay with my Grandma at Alore Setare in Malaysia, I was back to my work last Tuesday (24th May).

I sincerely thank the Jogjakarta organizing team for their splendid job and making our stay a rememberable one. Particularly the Garden Hotel personals for their hospitality and delicious food, Fr. Augustine and his team.

By the way, I hope that you all remember about the production of a music album on "Communicating Climate Justice" for the school children. I request your immediate action on writing lyrics and if possible composing them too and mail it to (da24101966@gmail.com)

These songs should create an awareness and responsibility among the students (Children):

1. global warming; 2. protect forest; 3. saying no to plastic and polythene products; 4. saving water; 5. noise pollution; 6. Ozone layer damage; 7. forming small vegetable gardens in their own houses; 8. using paper, pencil, and other stationaries carefully and not wasting them; 9. love for nature, and so on.

Kindly write songs on the above topics and some other related topics and mail to me before the end of June.

Once again I thank you for your cooperation and let work together to communicate climate justice and love for nature.

With lots of love and prayers,

Fr. David Arockiam A.
Sanhtome Communications Center,
!50 Luz Church Road,
Chennai 600004.
S. India

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