Saturday, January 30, 2010

Relief and rehabilitation work of the Council continues

To the Sisters and Brothers at Faith United Methodist Church in Richardson, Texas, thru Rev. Jerico Pagdilao, Pastor:

Greetings from the National Council of Churches in the Philippines! 

Today, who would be a living letter from you to us but Mrs. Edarlena Villaruel along with her doctor-daughter.

We were delighted to welcome them to NCCP. We got another surprise when she presented a check for the continuing relief and rehabilitation work of the NCCP. Thank you ever so much.

The act of solidarity shown by many people around the world continue to enable us to be channels of God's comfort in trying times. It might be a source of constructive pride for us all that through all these help, the NCCP by far gives the weightiest relief pack to the most vulnerable - a total of 33 kilos of grain and other foodstuff as well as blankets and mosquito nets (the latter two to selected recipients like those with infants, the elderly and soon-to-be-mothers.) at a given time.

On they day Sister Edarlena visited, our relief team just got back from Botolan, Zambales where there is a fairly large UMC community. They delivered some 227 packs. Some of you may recall that in Botolan last year, the earth was rent asunder as the grave and tombs at the cemetery opened up as a result of the floods. Yes, we are still very much sustaining our relief and rehab work.

We are also looking forward to the visit of Cal-Pac next month.

May God prosper your good works.

General Secretary
January 27, 2010

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