Sunday, December 20, 2009

NCCP Staff Community Integration 2009

The staff integration is a yearly activity done to enrich and improve the lives of both the NCCP staff and the communities that they are visiting.  Last December 14 to 17, 2009 two communities, one in Colalo, Mangkayan and the other in Kubabeng, Bokod both in Benguet, received much needed food packs in cooperation with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

The staff being briefed by Ms. Minnie Anne Calub, Program Secretary of the Program Unit on Faith, Witness and Service.

The delegation was treated to a sumptuous meal, experiencing the wondrous hospitality of the Episcopal church in the Philippines.

In the evening of the first day the staff and volunteers were given updates on the situations in the areas by Ms. Maureen Loste of RECCORD (Regional Ecumenical Council of the Cordilleras)

The steep mountain trails going to the community of Kubabeng, Bokod.

A short program introducing the organizations involved in the activity, education on mining and climate change before the distribution of relief packs.

Everybody pitched in to bring the food packs from the NCCP truck to the tent.

The community organizers double checking the list of recipient families.

The relief packs, at the background is the other truck containing the 25-kilo sacks of rice.

Signing up the necessary paper work before receiving the packs.

Mother and child receiving a pack from volunteer staff Krish.

Bringing home the long awaited help, their treasures with wide smiles.

Before going back to Baguio, we were taken on top of the relocation site on the mountain and shown the previous area of their community (brown area) where the landslide took place and the devastated farm lands at the bottom (gray area).

The volunteers and staff were given rest in between long trips courtesy of the Salvation Army.

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